The Man From Tuskegee


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About Uncle Bob

Learn about the man behind the legend: Robert Deiz, my uncle, and the real Tuskegee Airman.

The Unsung Heroes

Destined to be a classic, The Man from Tuskegee delivers on so many levels. A cross between the brave nuns of The Sound of Music and the courageous soldiers of Saving Private Ryan, with a dash of Winston Churchill’s Special Operations Executive thrown in for good measure, this World War 2 Historical Thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat. A Black protagonist, Bob Dale is a hero for all ages, and wait ‘till you meet the lovely Giselle, a French resistance fighter who is fetchingly beautiful and yet packs a mean punch. On Amazon Kindle as an ebook.

Why Bob Dale Matters

Bob Dale is more than fiction; learn how characters like him are important for Black Youths to reconnect to their past.

America’s victory came from the efforts of heroes, many of whom went unremembered because of their race. Remember them.

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